It Offers You Pure Ayurvedic Remedies For Your Health From Various Large Species Of Natural Herbs.

• Tal Makhana – Salam Mishriz
• Ashwagandha  – Harad
• AVENA SATIVA – Spinacia Oleracea
• CALADIUM SEGUINUM  – Areca Catechu

Grinbizz Brand Is Approved By Govt. Of India Under Class-5 For Ayurvedic Preperation. Grinbizz Ayurveda Helps In Getting Cure From Different Diseases –

  • Specialized In Quiting Alcohol Habits , Addiction Stop Of Alcohol , Tabaco , Drugs , Cigrettes , Hukkah And So Many Chewing And Toxin Materials.
  • Diabetes Related Issues Are Resolved By Using Various Natural Herbs And Allium Sativum , Momordica Charantia , Mayur Shikha Gymnema Sylvestre , And Many More.


These All Herbs Helps Maintain Sugar Level Or Liver And Kidney To Function Systematically.

  • Height Growth
  • Body Slimming Oil – With The Help Of Ayurvedic Oil
  • Joint Pain Relief Oil

Our Story

We use high quality and certified product from the India

Ayush License Number: 546 ISM/HR

Grinbizz Is an Ayurveda Brand , Which Deals In All Kinds Of Ayurvedic Medicine / Product / Remedies From Different Types Of Health Related Issues With No Side Effects . It Was Established In 1980, Located In New Delhi India.

Grinbizz Is Well Recognised Brand All Over India With Very Good And Effective Results. Grinbizz Is Safe Certified Toxin-Free Brand Where All Products Are Approved By ISO , FSSAI , Ayussh And By Different Authorities.